Art Work

Creativity with Wood

Shop classes around the world have been taught for centuries, and wood is a favorite material to use. It is versatile, can be worked quickly and a wide variety of projects can be made from it. Students begin by learning how to build simple projects, and they progress to more complex projects as they learn different facets of working with wood. The majority of them may simply see it as a lifelong hobby, but other people will become fascinated with the creative process and eventually turn it into a career in art.

Creating objects with wood can take several different forms. Many students learn how to create lamps, chairs and other furniture items. Some of them enjoy the process of choosing a project, and they look forward to the planning, material selection and hands-on nature of creating a new object. When it comes to making furniture pieces, there is no limit to the creative process. Students can make small furniture pieces such as lamps, or they can create large ones such as beds or armoires.

Learning about their materials is a large part of this industrial arts class, and wood comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. Hardness of the wood is also a factor students learn, and they must carefully select their material to fit their project. Each decision contributes to the process, and their care will be reflected in the finished piece they produce.

Learning how to do wood projects in a shop class will not necessarily lead to a career as an artist, but it is a good start. An artistic career depends upon a person’s ability and drive to create original pieces, and working in wood gives them a chance to see if this suits their personality. Those with creative abilities may choose to continue working in this medium, or they may go on to explore other options.