Beauty in Light

Mankind has long sought shelter from the elements, and being inside in past centuries meant there was little light no matter the time of day. When fire was first tamed, it provided just enough light to see. Candles were a refinement of this principle, but they were also just barely good enough to light a room. It was not until the harnessing of electricity and modern lighting that mankind could function as well indoors as outside in the sunlight. Modern man continued to improve on this facet of life, and it eventually became a form of art.

When people associate art and light, they often think of chandeliers. A hanging light bulb on its own is often ugly, but surrounding it with glass or crystal makes it a vision to behold. Artists have designed these beautiful hanging lights for centuries, and their works have been part of the beauty displayed in elegant homes and public venues. Modern chandeliers are still being designed and sold because they are a popular way to dress up any room.

There are other ways light infiltrates a room, and it has become popular again to add stained glass sections to doors and windows. As the sunlight crosses through the glass, it creates an eye-catching sight to bring together a room. Rather than a dull shadow, colors bloom across the walls and floors as the sun moves through its daily routine. Even at night, an outside light lends beauty to a room where a stained glass window is situated.

The interplay of light and shadows through trees is one more area where light makes an artistic impact, and people are often subconsciously drawn to it. They enjoy the beauty of the sunlight, but they are fascinated by the movement they can see as the wind blows. It gives them a beautiful connection to nature that makes their world seem perfect.